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Why Has Our Politics Become So PARTISAN?

Although, there has always been, some degree of partisanship, when it comes to American politics, in recent times, we must wonder, and consider, why has our politics, become, so increasingly, PARTISAN? In the past, politicians disagreed, argued, and perceived things differently, but, in the vast majority of instances, sought, to seek, a meeting - of - the - minds, for the common good, which seems lacking, these days! Chris Matthews' first book discussed, how, Speaker of the House, O'Neill, and President Reagan, who were on nearly opposite poles of the political spectrum, remained, friends, despite these differences, which permitted the possibility of making a deal, for the sake of the nation. We seem to be witnessing, today, a period, where this disagreement, has become personal, as well as political, and, instead of the usual empty rhetoric and promises, has brought with it, a polarizing, negative, vitriol, which appears to make common ground, nearly unachievable. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, how this impacts us, and why we need a return, to open discussions, and some possibility of bi - partisan, compromise.

1. Priorities; policy; public: Although many will always disagree, there should be certain, basic priorities, which they can agree on. These should be based on strengthening the freedoms, rights, and liberties, mentioned, implied, and, supposedly, guaranteed, by our Constitution. Unfortunately, even in these areas, the unprecedented, vitriol, and appeal to the, us versus them, mindset, has made, achieving necessary, quality public policy, nearly unachievable!

2. Attitude; aptitude; attention: We need leader, with a true, positive, can - do, attitude, who seek solutions, rather than making empty promises! Our President, is reported, to be unwilling, and not ready to, develop the aptitude, and skill - set, which might make him better equipped! Beware of, where a politician dedicates most of his attention!

3. Relevant; realistic; rationale/ reasoning: We should be concerned, when over one - third of the American public, supports someone, who proudly proceeds, with the slogan, Make America Great Again, rather than seeking a relevant, realistic approach, and viable solution! Examine someone's rationale, in explaining their reasoning, and focus upon, whether it is in the best interests of all Americans!

4. Timely; true; trends: Beware of the good old days, approach, because times change, and we need leaders, willing to evolve, with an open - mind, and the strength to introduce timely plans, and proposals! When fact - checkers proclaim, our President has made significant misstatements, over six times, per day, rather than articulating a true, focused message, and taking advantage of significant trends, our system needs fixing!

5. Ideas; ideology; imagination; integrity: This is the time for quality ideas, which align with the core ideology, which America has always represented! Rather than electing the same - old, same - old, politicians, we need to be led, by people, with relevant imagination, and a commitment to absolute integrity!

6. Service; system; sustainable solutions: Unless/ until, our leaders emphasize service to those they represent, rather than merely, their own personal/ political agenda, and self - interest, we will challenged, to proceed, with a system, which will bring forth, a truly, sustainable solution!

7. Articulate: Often, the difference between, moving forward, and lackluster leadership, is electing individuals, who articulate a positive, unifying message, rather than a polarizing, adversarial one!

8. Needs: Our priority should be addressing the real and perceived needs, of our citizens, in a way, where we guarantee freedom, liberty, and justice for all, while addressing economic, security, etc, at the same time!

Enough of this PARTISAN bickering, and let's try, to see the perspective of those we disagree with, and seek, a meeting - of - the - minds, for the common good! Will you pay closer attention, before our level of bickering, further injures our society?

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Making It Personal, Rather Than Politics!

Many political observers, from casual ones, to those, with a professional discipline in this area (in order to possess, some degree of political and historical perspective), question, why is it, the current period, seems, unlike most in recent memory! This feeling stems from an examination, of a combination of factors, including the tone of the rhetoric/ vitriol, the emphasis on polarizing, instead of unifying, and the oppositional/ adversarial, attitude, where not only do so many individuals, possess their own opinions (which is somewhat normal), but it seems, they believe they are entitled to their own facts, as well, and an unwillingness, to seek a meeting - of - the - minds, and reach some degree of common ground. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, some examples of the inherent danger, to our nation, when political differences, become, so very personal!

1. Social media: Whichever Social Media, you might use, participate in, or, even, casually review/ read/ peruse, you probably have observed, when it comes to political posts, and perspectives, the discussion, almost always, goes well beyond, a discussion of politics, with various concerns, etc, and, invariably, begins a discussion, which becomes increasingly personal! An individual, on one end of the political spectrum, brings up a point, which he feels is significant, and important, and, those with different views, often go beyond, disagreeing, but begin to call someone, names, or cites, often, examined, and disproven, so - called, facts. Perhaps, because of the polarizing nature of President Donald Trump, and his tendency to quote, anything, which supports his agenda, and disparages, anything and anyone, who disagrees/ differs, his supporters have begun to feel entitled, to proceed, likewise, and are unwilling to maintain, an open - mind. Unless/ until, those on both sides of the spectrum, avoid personal attacks, and stick to the facts, and seek viable, relevant, sustainable solutions, this will probably get worse!

2. Today, versus the past: President Trump uses rhetoric, to inspire and motivate his core supporters, with many references to the past, and how great, many perceive it, to be. When one uses a slogan, Make America Great Again, isn't the inference, we should try to go back, to the past, rather than look ahead, to the future, and the possibilities? Wouldn't it be nice, if our political leaders, behaved more like, Chris Matthews, discussed in his book, about Tip O'Neal, and Ronald Reagan which was, being political foes, during the day, but social friends, with a mutual respect, after - hours?

3. The attack on the Press: This nation was founded on many principles, and freedoms, perhaps, none, more essential and important, than the need, and the right, to a Free Press. When the President refers to the media, as the Enemy of the People, doesn't it go against, the concept of mutual respect, and the right to differ, politically, while respecting the rights of those who you disagree with?

These are only, a few of the current issues, which are keeping our nation, divided, by expanding the personal vitriol, rather than keeping it professional, and issues - oriented. Don't complain about political leaders, but, make them accountable for, their actions, and the level of their rhetoric!

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